Your trusted partner in Global Natural Rubber Market Intelligence

WhatNext Rubber Media International is your trusted partner in global natural rubber market intelligence and rubber industry monitoring. We closely monitor the market trends across the world, analyse the undercurrent based on grassroots level inputs, and reach out to you every day, and every month depending on your requirement and budget. Our insights enable you to get a clear understanding of the emerging supply-demand dynamics and non-fundamental factors potentially influencing the prices. 

Why Choose Us?

We track early signals from major rubber producing and rubber consuming countries before official figures are released.

We give you a more real-time understanding of the trends in every producing and consuming country

We give you clear signals on the direction of emerging price trends as well as the upside and downside risks.

How Do We Work ?


WhatNext Rubber Media International employs its own ‘nowcasting’ tools

Our market intelligence team, stationed in every major producing country, uses a wide range of data to ascertain the real-time developments in the supply of natural rubber.  The set of data from the team, together with grassroots level feedback from farmers and traders, offers a more timely read on the supply of natural rubber in each country. 

For the real-time read on the demand for natural rubber in major consuming countries, we use a wide range of data that tracks economic activity and movement of vehicles. This approach helps in getting early signals on the real-time state of the economy before official PMI and GDP data are available.  

For analysing historical trends, we make extensive use of Customs data of imports and exports. Our analysis extensively relies on Customs data, segregated into source countries and destination countries.  We also use official data of production and consumption of natural rubber in every country.

About The Founder

Years in the Rubber Industry


Global Networks

Jom Jacob founded WhatNext Rubber Media International in 2022 in culmination of his long professional journey with the rubber industry in the global arena.


Jacob has been in the rubber industry for more than three decades as a globally acclaimed industry analyst specialised in market dynamics and price outlook of natural rubber.  Jacob served the ANRPC (Association of Natural Rubber Producing Countries), at Kuala Lumpur, as its Senior Economist for 11 years.

Before that, Jacob had been with the Rubber Board (Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India) for 23 years by holding key responsibilities in industry monitoring and formulation of development plans for rubber industry. Jacob had also a short stint with the Centre for Development Studies (Affiliated to the Jawaharlal Nehru University or JNU) as a researcher in sustainable land-use.

While globally known for his distinguished expertise in Fundamental Analysis (FA) of rubber market, Jacob is also an expert in Technical Analysis (TA) and a Certified Financial Technician of the UK-based Society of Technical Analysts (STA). Grassroots level understanding of the world natural rubber industry, expertise both in Fundamental Analysis (FA) and Technical Analysis (TA), and wide network among the global rubber fraternity make Jacob a unique name in global rubber market monitoring and intelligence services.

Jacob holds M. Phil. in Applied Economics from the Jawahar Lal Nehru University (JNU) and Masters in Statistics from Kerala University, India.